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What is “Farming for you” ?

It is a boutique , UAE local farm-to-fridge concept that provides , Pastured raised , Grass Fed , No hormones or antibiotics , and Farm Fresh Local Egg.

Our Primary Vision & Mission

To introduce an environment-friendly healthy farming concept in UAE that provides healthy and quality Egg.

Pasture Raised, Grass-Fed, No hormones or antibiotics, Farm Fresh local, And Organic

Happy Customers & Buyers

“These particular eggs came in as fresh as you can get them. They are as real as it gets, the color of the yolk was bright orange, and the taste was amazing. I eat eggs almost daily, and I tend to get my protein and energy from them. Feeling great.”  – Mohammed A.

“Eggs just taste better when the hens have a better life. These eggs are not only organic but they are from pasture raised hens that are able to free range from sun up to sun down. I’m not sure why this isn’t an industry standard but when the hens are happy their eggs just taste better.”   – Julia K

“These eggs are the “real deal”. The yolk is very rich in color. The flavor is excellent! I was shocked when I purchased another brand at the local grocery store and while cooking breakfast, I noted the huge difference in the color of the yolk was shocking. These eggs were rich in color when compared to the other brand. The flavor is equally amazing.”  – Maryam S.

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Tel : 043884611 – Fax : 043884612
Mobile : +971 50 234 1958
             +971 50 150 4658
[email protected]

“Farming for you” is located in Ras Al Khaimah near Jasim’s wild life park in Kharan area.

It’s a 60 Minutes drive from Dubai.